Cross- ford is a town in the Saale District in Saxony-Anhalt ( Germany ). It is located west of Halle ( Saale).

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The city Querfurt located in the southeastern Harz foreland in the Valley of Querne, which flows through the old city from west to east.


The following neighborhoods are reported:

Neighboring communities

Neighboring municipalities are Altstedt ( county MSH) and Farnstädt in the north, Obhausen, Nemsdorf - Göhrendorf and Barnstädt in the east, Nebra and the Imperial Palace (both in BLK) in the south and Roßleben ( KYF district ) in the west.


In a resulting 881-899 Directory of tithing of Hersfeld Monastery Querfurt first mentioned as requiring a tenth place in the frieze Curnfurt field in a document. There also the now non-existent neighboring Kunisch is called. 973 or 974 is considered the birth year of St. Bruno of cross- ford.

In a document of 1198 the inner city wall is mentioned, which means that cross- ford, at that time already a town. 1357 carried out the construction of a second, the exterior walls.

On April 13, 1621 101 homes were destroyed in a great fire. 1663 ford cross became the residence of the principality of Saxony- cross- ford. From 1816 to 1994 the city was the seat of the county cross- ford.


First Gatterstädt and Lodersleben were incorporated from the administrative community cross- ford on 11 May 1995. Then, on 1 January 2004, the formerly independent municipalities from six of the administrative community forestry Hermannseck, namely Grockstädt, Leimbach, Schmon, Vitzenburg, Weißenschirmbach and Ziegelroda, incorporated.


  • Plaque at the south entrance of the town hall for the anti-fascists Otto Dietrich, who died in 1945 from the effects of incarceration. In the local cemetery, he is also honored by a memorial stone.
  • Commemorative plaque on the house church plan 7, the birthplace of the scientist and inventor Jacob Christian Schäffer, here honored as the " founder of mycology and inventor of the wood paper ". This piece is from 1968; The occasion was also the 250th anniversary Schaffer. 2013 another panel was attached to the parish house plan 7 that informs more about Schaffer's research.


Coat of arms

Description: In blue the silver -clad crowned and haloed Virgin Mary enthroned on a golden crescent and bordered by the golden glory with stars wearing the haloed naked baby Jesus in her right arm. Two small breastplate accompany Mary. Right divided into red and white and on the opposite side and white four red bars.

City ​​council

The Council consists of 28 councilors and the mayor Peter Kunert.

  • FDP 10 seats
  • CDU 6 seats
  • LEFT 4 seats
  • SPD 3 seats
  • FW 3 seats
  • GREEN 2 seats

(As at municipal election on June 7, 2009)

Culture and sights


  • Castle Querfurt
  • Market Square and Town Hall
  • City ​​wall


  • Archaeological Park ( where the Sky Disc of Nebra in the nearby town of Nebra )
  • City Park Querfurt on Merseburger Straße.

Regular events

  • Easter fire in cross ford, annually on Easter Saturday in front of the castle.
  • Pentecost in Oberschmon annually on the Pentecost weekend.
  • Castle Festival in cross- ford, annually on the 3rd weekend in June.
  • Farmers market in cross- ford, annually on the 3rd weekend in September.
  • Pentecost in Liederstädt annually on the Pentecost weekend.
  • Pentecost in the village of Thal, annually on the Pentecost weekend.
  • Garlic Wednesday in Thaldorf annually on Wednesday after Pentecost.
  • Pentecost in small Eichstädt.
  • Pentecost in Spielberg.
  • Village festival in Grockstädt, annually on the last weekend in June.
  • Park festival in Gatterstädt, annually on the last weekend in June.
  • Local festival in Lodersleben, annually on the first weekend in July.
  • Village festival in Leimbach, a year on the third weekend in July.
  • Village festival in Spielberg in August.
  • Village festival in Weißenschirmbach annually on the second weekend in August.
  • Castle Christmas in cross- ford, a year on the 4th of Advent.
  • Nicholas market in the residential area south, annually since 2001

Economy and infrastructure


The city is connected by a bypass to the federal highways 180 and 250 as well as to the Federal Highway 38. The town has in the former station the termination stop the railway line Merseburg - Querfurt, served by the Burgenlandbahn. The existing since 1884 railway line to Röblingen the lake in 2005 and since 1904 the existing route to Nebra (Unstrut ) decommissioned in 2003.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Brun of Querfurt (* 973/74, † 1009) from the house of nobles of cross- ford, missionary of the Prussians ( Old Prussians )
  • Bruno Seidel (c. 1530-1591 ), physician, saying collectors and Neo-Latin poet
  • Daniel Friderici (1584-1638), composer and cantor, born in small Eichstädt
  • Hans Georg von Osterhausen (* 1603 in Gatterstädt ), Schleswig -Holstein court official and chefs
  • Johann Sigismund of Osterhausen (1613-1679), provost, and Hofrichter court and lord of Osterhausen, born in Gatterstädt
  • Johann Eichentopf (1678-1769), Instrument Maker
  • Jacob Christian Schäffer (1718-1790), Protestant pastor, naturalist, pioneer the washing machine and wood paper
  • Gottlieb Heise (1785-1847), an organ builder and founder of Alexander Schuke Potsdam Organ Builders Ltd.
  • Christian Friedrich Andreas Rohn (1787-1853), architect, was born in the current district Lodersleben
  • Karl August Gottlieb Storm (1803-1886), cantor, chronicler
  • John Wislicenus (1835-1902), chemist, born in small Eichstädt
  • Johannes Schlaf (1862-1941), playwright, short story writer and translator
  • Otto Richter (1872-1927), SPD politician and pioneer of the Cooperative Movement
  • Felix Rötscher (1873-1944), professor of mechanical engineering and materials science as well as Rector of RWTH Aachen
  • Georg Muche (1895-1987), Bauhaus artist, painter and printmaker
  • Walter Herrmann (1910-1987), Physicist
  • Ulrich Will Erding (* 1932), botanist
  • Hans -Joachim Rudolphi (1934-2009), legal scholar
  • Cornelius Nägler ( b. 1936 ), Member of Parliament (CDU )
  • G. Pietsch ( born 1946 ), singer and actress
  • Christa Gießler (* 1954 in Ziegelroda ), writer
  • Dietmar Demuth ( born 1955 ), football player and coach
  • Eberhard Probst ( born 1955 ), wrestler
  • Ines burnet (* 1965), middle and long distance runner
  • Silke Renk (born 1967 ), javelin thrower and Olympic gold medalist
  • Nicole Rotzsch (born 1976 ), member of parliament (CDU )
  • Chris Fleischhauer ( b. 1982 ), TV presenter, journalist, first male Lottofee Germany
  • Jan Seyffarth (* 1986), race car driver

Other personalities who are associated with the city

  • Johann OLEARIUS (1611-1684), poet and hymns Superintendent
  • Johann Gottfried Schnabel ( * 1692, † betw 1751 and 1758), German writer; settled down in 1719 as a barber in cross- ford.
  • Conrad of cross- ford († 1142 ), Archbishop of Magdeburg
  • Conrad of cross- ford († 1202), founded 1198-1202 Karlstadt
  • Julius von Kirchmann (1802-1884), lawyer and politician, Landgerichtsdirektor in Querfurt
  • Albrecht Heinrich of Schlieckmann (1835-1891), President of East Prussia and Upper Member of the State Council, was 1864-1876 District in Querfurt
  • Hans Schomburgk (1880-1967), explorer and pioneer of the German Animal Films
  • Axel Crewell (1882-1945), the Nazi Party district leader and district
  • Fritz Adam (1889-1945), SA upper leader and politician (NSDAP ) from 1940 District in Querfurt
  • Fips Asmussen (actually Rainer Pries; born April 30, 1938 in Hamburg), comedian and entertainer, settled in the late 1990s in cross- ford down.