QW-2 Vanguard 2

The qianwei -2 (short: QW -2 Vanguard 2 or export name ) is a Chinese, shoulder -based short -range surface - to-air guided weapon system. It is used to combat helicopters and fighter aircraft at low altitude.


The anti-aircraft missile was introduced in 1998 on an air show. The QW -2 was of CASIC 119 (Shenyang Hang Tian Xinle Ltd. ) And is by and large a copy of the Russian 9K310 Igla -1 (NATO reporting name SA -16 Gimlet ) and this comparable in many respects. It represents the successor system to qianwei -1; it Essentially, the minimum operational range of 30 m was reduced to 10 m and increased maximum range of 5 km to 6 km. The reaction time was reduced to less than five seconds. The QW -2 features a newly developed dual-band infrared seeker head ( passive), which is largely not only resistant to flares, but also against sun and soil heat.

So far, the QW -2 is used by the People's Liberation Army and the Pakistani Army. In Pakistan, the air defense missile is being produced under the name Anza MK -3 under license. From 2004 to 2007 Bangladesh received 69 QW -2 from China (SIPRI Arms Transfers Database ).