R Force

The R Force was a British deception unit during World War II. It consisted of armored cars, pioneers and a telecommunications unit. During the operation, Fortitude she tried to make it appear more in Britain, the Allied Forces and to deceive the German education about the plans of these troops. During the later battles in Western Europe led by similar operations. She was under the command of Lieutenant Colonel David Strangeways.


During the Africa campaign Strangeways served in the A Force Dudley Clarke. The special unit used radio manipulation by the Axis powers incorrect information about tanks and vehicle convoys to send and their forces so as to move away from regions that were planning to attack the Allies. Strangeways devised a plan to deceive the axis Mighty time and location of the Allied landings in North Africa. Later he succeeded in a mixture of deception and speed to occupy the German headquarters in Tunis before they could destroy their secret documents.

As General Bernard Montgomery took command of the 21st Army Group, he ordered Strangeways a unit next to the A Force set up for the Allied invasion of Normandy. He chose the name R Force in the hope that the Germans would go out in the discovery of the unity of the R stood for Reconnaissance. This object has the R Force, which was equipped with three companies reconnaissance car and a support company that will actually take. The companies were equipped with special radio equipment with which the sounds of Operating tanks could be simulated. The R Force took over some troops of the Royal Engineers who knew concealment. Furthermore, she received personnel from Turner 's Department of Colonel John Turner, the saw itself to the application of false airfields and other military facilities. The 5th Wireless Group was set up in January 1944 to the R Force to provide capacity for radio deception available. Using special equipment was able to be simulated radio traffic of an entire corps. The strength of the R Force eventually exceeded 1,200 men. Members of the Royal Corps of Signals carried as a shoulder badge a black sign with a white R in the middle. The pioneers wore the white R against a blue background.

Strangeways designed the Operation Quicksilver and led them through. She was an important part of Operation Fortitude, which was to the Germans pretend a planned Allied landing in the area of ​​Pas -de -Calais. After the Allied landing in Normandy in June 1944, the R Force moved to the continent and operated under the command of the 21st Army Group. She was among the first units marched into Rouen and Brussels, and later led him part of the Allied deception operations crossing of the Rhine by.

In 2004, the deeds of R Force titled Fooling Hitler were filmed for television.