R. C. Trevelyan

Robert Calverl (e) y Trevelyan ( born June 28, 1872 Weybridge, † March 21, 1951, Dorking, Surrey ) was a writer and translator.


Trevelyan went to Harrow School and studied Ancient languages ​​and law at Trinity College, Cambridge, for his father wanted him to follow him in the legal profession. But Robert Trevelyan wanted to be a poet, and his first volume of poems Mallow and Asphodel appeared in 1898. Published in 1912 His verse drama The Bride of Dionysus was designed by Donald Tovey as an opera. Edward Marsh took of his poems in his collection Georgian Poetry 1911-1912 (1912). Trevelyan published translations of Greek and Latin authors.

Trevelyan had a large circle of friends, he had loose ties to the Bloomsbury circle, he was acquainted with Isaac Rosenberg and traveled with EM Forster in 1912 to India. He was a convinced pacifist and hid the conscientious objector John Rodker in the First World War.


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