R. G. Springsteen

Robert G. Springsteen ( born September 8, 1904 in Tacoma, Washington; † December 9, 1989 in Los Angeles, California ) was an American film and television director of many Hollywood B-movies and television shows.


Robert G. Springsteen, who was often referred to only as RG Springsteen in the opening credits, began his career in Hollywood in the 1920s. He began as a wardrobe assistant on at Fox Studios. In 1936, he moved to directing and worked as second unit director and assistant in numerous low-budget films. During this time he was often listed with his nickname " Bud Springsteen " in the credits. In 1945, he was a leading director of this genre and turned as a filmmaker his first B- Western, Marshal of Laredo. From 1945 to 1968, Springsteen was a prolific director of B- Westerns and television episodes. In the movies The Iron collar and the last bullet hits, he held the lead role with the World War II hero Audie Murphy.

Springsteen turned among other gangster films, thrillers and historical dramas, such as Operation Eichmann (1961 ), including some films in the UK. In the two films Wyoming Bravados and Sheriff Johnny Reno in 1966, he worked with Jane Russell together. His last work was directing an episode of the television series My friend Ben ( Gentle Ben ) in 1968.

RG Springsteen died on 9 December 1989 at the age of 85 years in Los Angeles.

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