R. Stanton Hales

R. Stanton "Stan" Hales ( born March 16, 1942 in Pasadena ) is an American badminton player and mathematician.


Hales attended Pomona College in Claremont (California ) and received his doctorate at Harvard University, where he Woodrow Wilson Fellow in 1964 /65. After graduation, he taught for two years as an assistant at Harvard and was in 1967 at Pomona College, where he was associate dean in 1973 and 1982/83 Dean. From 1990, he served as vice president at the College of Wooster, where he was president from 1994. In 2007, he went there to retire. After that, he was a consultant in an academic Headhunter Company ( Academic Search ).

As mathematicians Hales specialized in the field of combinatorics. In 2004 he was made an honorary Doctor of Pomona College.

In sports, he won Badminton in 1970 and 1971, the U.S. Championships in men's singles.

Sporting successes


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