R.R. Bowker

The list of Deliverable books (VLB ) (English German Books in Print ) is a catalog of the German book trade, which includes about 1.2 million German -speaking and partly foreign-language titles with bibliographic information. In addition, contains the directory and CD- ROMs, audio books, calendars, cards and magazines and other bookstores item.

The VLB records available titles that have appeared in publishers or self-published, already with their announcement. From the Publisher program taken and thus no longer available ( so-called " out of print " ) title be removed from the directory.

Prerequisite for the toll record a title in the VLB is an ISBN, even with the same reference address of the book is captured. Books can be registered in the VLB online. In VLB pending book titles usually recorded simultaneously the German national bibliography of the German National Library, the linked since the end of 2005 in their catalog, if a book is still available.

The list of available books published since 1971. Until 2003/2004, it appeared even a year before the Frankfurt Book Fair in printed form in the lexicon format with last 12 volumes, each about 1700 small print pages, as well as a smaller supplementary volume in the following spring. Since 2004 it appears only in digital form on CD and online since 2002 also. Today it is a CD- ROM subscription ( 12 issues per year ) available with internet connectivity for the daily update. Issuer is the MVB Marketing and publishing service of the book trade GmbH, a member of the industry association Association of German Book Trade.

Since May 2006, the MVB all publishers who report to the VLB, an enhanced online access. This is to enable publishers to look at the data from the perspective of the booksellers. You can also order additional multimedia information Populate (cover, back, interior views, reading samples, audio and video samples, etc.). In addition, the data can be unlimited in various formats, including ONIX, export for the in-house computer systems.

Since October 2007, the VLB and Text Online are merged into a common product.