R5 (bootleg)

An R5 is a warez release, which was made with a telecine machine from an analog source. Unlike a telecine Rip the digitization of the studio itself with professional ( and expensive) equipment was made. Normally, to the original source is taken. This is done to create a high quality digital copy, which is often used for subsequent DVD releases. However, an R5 is, in contrast to a normal DVD release, issued even before the completion of the post-processing work. The quality of the copies may be different, but an R5 has often little difference to a DVD Rip, because many films released on DVD without major rework.

The name R5 refers to DVD Region 5, which is distributed in the former USSR, Eastern Europe, India and Africa. To successfully fight film piracy, the film industry has mid-2006 decided to create a new format for DVD releases that can be produced much faster and cheaper than regular DVD releases. R5- phenomena differ in that the post is missing and the DVD contains no special features, such as those found on traditional DVDs. This makes it possible to make the film very inexpensive and release simultaneously with screeners for sale. Illegal copies of these publications are often distributed on the Internet.


R5 releases also have an influence on Black copiers in other countries. Appears in Russia a certain current movie as R5- DVD, this may appear as a rule quite early as DVD Rip on the internet. This is often after the launch in cinemas with the soundtrack ( a Line Dub) provided in the language in which it picks up these directly from the line output of the projector or Dolby decoder of the respective cinemas and drive-ins. This has the consequence that movies appear quite early and propagated as black copies on the Internet with high quality releases with poorer quality (such as Telesyncs and Telecines ) displace.

R5.Line.Dubbed.German.XviD for example, would mean that the video track is from a R5 release, which was provided with a German soundtrack and ultimately converted into the XviD format.