Raa stands for:

  • Raa ( ރ ), the letter "r" of Thaana alphabet
  • Raa (Maldives ) Maalhosmadulu Uthuruburi ( North Maalhosmadulu, Dhivehi: މ ާ ޅ ޮ ސ ް މ ަ ޑ ު ލ ު އ ު ތ ު ރ ު ބ ު ރ ި ), with the Thaana abbreviation ރ ( Raa ), an administrative atoll ( district ) of the Maldives
  • Framework (also Raa or Rahe ), a sail -bearing part of the rigging of a sailing ship

RAA is an abbreviation for:

  • Race Around Austria, an extreme bike race along the border roads around Austria
  • General Affairs Council, a composition of the EU Council of Ministers
  • Trainee lawyer, a legal professional contender in Austria
  • Reductio ad absurdum, a final figure and proof technique in logic
  • Regional Airline Association, Seating Washington, DC, USA
  • Local job Local jobs to support children and young people from immigrant families and Regional Centers for education, integration and democracy are specialized on inclusion and integration agencies in the education sector
  • ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement
  • Renin -angiotensin -aldosterone system, cascade of enzymes and hormones in the physiology
  • Repertory Alborum Amicorum, database for the research of family registers, see Stud Book ( student )
  • Guidelines for the construction of highways, a technical code in road
  • Royal Automobile Association of South Australia Inc., an automobile club in South Australia ( German South Australia), State of the Commonwealth of Australia with capital Adelaide

R.A.A. stands for:

  • R.A.A. La Louviere, by locals mostly R.A.A. Louviéroise or shortened RAAL or simply named after the City of origin La Louviere, a Belgian football club from the province of Hainaut

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