Rabobank ( Cooperative Centrale Raiffeisen - Boerenleenbank BA) is a Dutch bank. The company was formed in 1972 from the merger of the Cooperative Centrale Raiffeisen -Bank and Cooperative Centrale Boerenleenbank, both of which were founded in 1898. It is a network of cooperative banks whose central management is a subsidiary and not the parent organization. In the Netherlands, Rabobank is the largest bank in the retail business.


The name is an abbreviation of Rabobank Raiffeisen Boerenleenbank. The name part "Raiffeisen " goes back to Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, while " Boerenleenbank " is reminiscent of the roots as rural Geldleihgenossenschaft.

Rabobank is today Since 1984, the Rabobank opened offices in all major European countries from a network of local Rabobanks, Rabobank Nederland and several subsidiary organizations such as Athlon Car Lease, Bouwfonds, De Lage Landen, FGHbank, Interpolis, Robeco, Schretlen & Co., operates today she offices worldwide in 48 countries. In Germany, Rabobank since 1984 with a branch in corporate business active. Seat of the branch shall be Frankfurt am Main. The focus in Germany is in corporate banking in the areas of food and agriculture.

A ranking of the Global Finance Magazine May 2013 that lists the safest banks in the world ( " World's 50 Safest Banks " ), Rabobank leads to tenth place.

Due to the involvement of some of its dealers to years of manipulation of interbank interest rates Libor scandal the bank paid in October 2013 a fine of EUR 772 million. Her then CEO resigned then.



General Manager Germany: Klaus Vehns Permanent Representative of: Mark Otto van Driel

Under the brand RaboDirect call money and time deposits for individuals are offered in Germany since 20 June 2012. The online banking, online access is via a Digipass mentioned eTAN generator. RaboDirect is a division of Rabobank Netherlands and part of the Rabobank branch in Frankfurt am Main. As such, RaboDirect Germany is a member of the Dutch statutory deposit insurance. This means that bank deposits to 100,000 euros are protected. RaboDirect is represented in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and Poland outside the Netherlands. In Poland, ie the direct bank BGZ Optima.

Sponsorship, Marketing

Rabobank was active until the end of 2012 as the main sponsor of the Rabobank Cycling Team. In addition to the ProTeam also includes the promotion of young drivers in the Rabobank Continental team.

Due to the ongoing cases of doping Rabobank was in October of 2012 to retire at the end of 2012 as the main sponsor of Team Rabobank. The occasion was the introduced to Carlos Barredo process, who drove in the Rabobank team.


Rabobank vehicle in a bicycle race