Radama II.

Radama II (* September 23, 1829, † May 12, 1863 ) was ruler of the Kingdom of Madagascar and reigned from 1861 to 1863.

He was the son of Ranavalona I, and listened to the birth name Rakoto. Although he was born only 13 months after the death of Radama I, he was regarded as his son. After the death of Radama I. Ranavalona I. took over the throne of Madagascar. In 1861, he followed her to the throne.

He reigned mild and began during his short reign again contacts to take abroad. The French, of which he was recognized as king of Madagascar, he conceded special rights ( " Charte Lambert " ), thus laying the foundation for the later French colonization of the island, but also favored the British. He proclaimed freedom of religion, which the Catholic missionaries of the French and the Protestant missionaries of the British could become active again. However, his liberal course met with resistance from the aristocrats, who had held the real power during the reign of his mother, and he was assassinated after only two years in office, by becoming depressed and strangled with a silk cloth.

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  • King (Madagascar)
  • Born in 1829
  • Died in 1863
  • Man