Rade bei Rendsburg

Rade b. Rendsburg is a municipality in the district of Rendsburg -Eckernförde in Schleswig -Holstein.

Geography and transport

Rade is located about 5 km north-east of Rendsburg on the Kiel Canal. To the west runs the Federal Highway 7 from Rendsburg Schleswig and south of the Federal Highway 210 from Rendsburg to Kiel.

The Europe Bridge over the Kiel Canal as part of the Federal Highway 7 is also called " Rader high bridge ". It crosses here the wheels island which mainly belongs to the municipality Rade.


Rade was first mentioned in 1487 as Dorp thom Rade.

The smokehouse was built around 1700 is a half-timbered building, which has housed the school until 1823 and is used today for festive events.

In Rade there were eleven brickworks that supplied almost all the stones of the fortress of Rendsburg. However, they were all closed until 1901 because the clay was completely dismantled.


Of the nine seats in the municipal council voters Community KWG since the local elections 2008 six seats and voters Community AKWG three.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Divided by a silver bar of green and blue. Above two crossed golden ears, down six golden bricks 3: 2: 1 "


The municipal area is predominantly agricultural.


In the list of cultural monuments in Rade b. Rendsburg are registered in the list of monuments of Schleswig- Holstein cultural monuments.