Radio Australia

Radio Australia (RA ) is the foreign service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( ABC).


The station was founded in 1939 in response to the Japanese and German Kriegspropagagda. Since 1944 it emits Shepparton, Victoria.

After the service had been steadily expanded in the 1970s and 1980s, he has been since the early 1990s increasingly restricted for political reasons.

In 1990, the shortwave broadcasts to Europe have been set.

Beginning in June 2013 it was announced that Radio Australia is dissolved as an independent station on June 7, 2013. Some of the employees will be taken over by Australia Network, the international television service of the Australian public broadcaster the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The radio program itself, however, continued with another program scheme.


The programs produced by RA aimed primarily at an audience in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, but also in other parts of the world to receive. Another target group are listeners in the Australian outback.

The program consists largely of messages. However, there are also self-produced magazines ( " Breakfast Club "). Partial shipments will be accepted by the domestic service, especially from ABC Radio National.


Radio Australia to be received on shortwave and via satellite. In the Asia- Pacific region, the program is applied locally by some relay stations. Two live stream on the Internet that can be used worldwide, are also available. In this way two programs are distributed, an Asian for the room and one for the Pacific. In addition, there are programs of Radio Australia in the context of World Radio Network. Therefore RA describes itself explicitly as an international radio and online service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( "international radio and online service of the Australian national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ").