Radio Berlin International

Radio Berlin International ( RBI ) was the international broadcaster broadcasting the GDR. He was formally established in May 1959, after had been produced and broadcast since April 1956 foreign-language broadcasts of Radio GDR. RBI shone among other programs in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Arabic and Swahili from.

The goal of the transmitter was " ... to bring the socialist German state closer ..." to listeners around the world and to inform expatriate German about the events in the GDR. RBI had a worldwide audience. To strengthen the bond of the receiver to the transmitter Listeners' Clubs were founded on almost every continent. Over time, the programs have been steadily developed and expanded the schedule. The shipments of RBI have been spread over the short and medium wave.

Pause symbol for the station, the first eight notes of the GDR national anthem.

Editorial and studios were located at the central site of broadcasting the GDR at the radio station in Berlin- Nalepastraße Oberschoeneweide. As a transmitter sites shortwave broadcasting centers in Nauen and king - Wusterhausen were available.

As part of the unification of the two German states on 3 October 1990, RBI introduced at the end of October 2, 1990 as the first entry of the GDR radio broadcasting one. The frequencies and transmitters, and some of the employees of RBI were taken over by Deutsche Welle and are still used in part on this today.