Radio Mayak

Radio Mayak ( Радио Маяк, German Radio Lighthouse, written in English transliteration and Radio Mayak ) is a Russian state radio station in Moscow, broadcasting his program nationwide.


Radio Mayak took began broadcasting on August 1, 1964. To receive a long time on short, long and medium wave, it was once the most popular radio program in the Soviet Union.

Radio Mayak is the Russian radio station with the fourth-largest market share, nationally about 9 % ( 2003 survey ). In Moscow, where the market is more between stations is fought harder, the transmitter yet reached 9% and is the regional was the fourth most stations. It remained in the CIS countries, the most listened-to program in the age group 14-55 years.

During the Cold War the shortwave transmitters were also used by Radio Mayak to disrupt foreign programs western origin ( deliberate interference).


The broadcast on long wave and medium wave was set at 1 January 2013, and is therefore not to receive terrestrial on flat land. The reception on FM in the larger cities and the wire radio remain. Where Radio Mayak is no longer heard, is terrestrial only be received to Radio Rossii. The broadcasting on short wave had ended in 1999. There is also a live stream available on the internet.


The station is owned by the Russian state media holding WGTRK, which also includes television channels such as the telephone channel Rossiya and some additional stations belong. The program concentrates on Radio Mayak is a Informationsprogamm. The station is close to the government. It is thus part of the much-criticized in the West pro-government press about power in Russia.