Radio Salzburg

Radio Salzburg is the system operated by ORF Regional Radio Salzburg as part of the transmitter 2 Austria ( Austria - Regional).


It was founded in 1960 as the second radio program, after the Technical Centre of the city of Salzburg was drawn to the near Gaisberg.

1989 was the most listened to radio Salzburg country program in Austria with a market share of 55%.


Radio Salzburg is one of the most listened to country station ORF.

He also enjoys great popularity in Bavaria, va as an alternative to Bavaria 1

In Germany you can listen to the radio because of the powerful transmitter Salzburg Gaisberg and his very exposed position until well into the country. Thus, with very good weather you can about the entire east and southeast of the Free State of Bavaria will be covered. When hair dryer, the transmission range extends even into Altmühltal.

In the province of Salzburg, it is as the program with the second highest audience rating in the seniors Radio Salzburg has the highest ratings. Radio Salzburg is in Salzburg, the No. 1 Higher proportion has only Ö3.

The only competitor in the province of Salzburg is private law that the Antenne Salzburg.


The current team

Music format

The station plays hits from the 1960s to current hits of the pop scene. Also popular is the show " G'sungen and g'spielt " with real genuine folk music, Monday to Friday from 18.00 bis 20.00 clock with Caroline Koller, Fritz Schwärz, Herbert Gschwendtner or Philipp Meikl.