Radio Steiermark

Radio Steiermark is the Ö2 regional program of the ORF for the second largest Austrian province, Styria.

Traditional program of Radio Steiermark are German Folk and Pop, Oldies of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, and Softpop Austropop. Audience needs are met.

Since 1 January 2002 sends " Radio Steiermark " a 24 -hour full program. Hourly - every half hour 5:00 to 19:00 clock - messages are sent with weather and traffic service, the contributions of international or federal political issues in Vienna are produced. Issues with local reference can be edited by Styria editors. Background reports from politics, business, culture, sports, current events shape the information on Radio Steiermark. Service orientation and provide health and medical topics, questions of consumer protection, education and education topics, books, hiking and cycling tips that animal search category: " Dog and Cat" as well as religious services. Daily from 20:00 clock (Saturday from 21:00 clock ) find topics and contents away from the core programming their place: popular music and popular culture (" Musicians play 's on " and " Chime Styria " ), classical music, jazz, cabaret, literature, etc. also on Sunday morning is the " brunch " an hour of folk music dedicated.

Is sent from the ORF studios in Graz.


Due to the competition of the private channel as Antenne Steiermark, KroneHit, Radio Sound Portal, 89.6 - The Music Radio, A1 radio or green and white radio has lost Styria listeners, but with more than 400,000 listeners remains the clear market leader among regional channels in the Styria. In the target group from 10 years in a reach in the second half of 2006, a daily range of 37.9 % and a market share of 41 %. In the group of 14 - to 49 - year olds, the market share of 25%. The station has, especially in elderly listeners great success: In the age group 35 , the market share is 54 %.


The most important frequencies for Radio Steiermark:

  • Graz: 95.4 MHz
  • Eibiswald: 98.7 MHz
  • Bruck / Mur: 93.2 MHz
  • Bad Aussee - Tressenstein: 92.9 MHz
  • Neumarkt: 94.1 MHz
  • Liezen: 96.8 MHz
  • Schladming: 96.3 MHz
  • Mitter Bach: 92.8 MHz
  • Murau: 96.8 MHz
  • Miirzzuschlag: 94.5 MHz
  • Knittel box: 94.9 MHz
  • Iron Ore: 97.3 MHz
  • Rechnitz: 100.1 MHz
  • Leoben: 97.1 MHz