Radio Tirol

Radio Tirol is the system operated by ORF Regional Radio for Tyrol and South Tyrol in the context of the transmitter 2 Austria ( Austria - Regional). The programs of ORF Tirol are produced and processed in the country Studio Tyrol.


Soon after the start of the RAVAG relay stations have been set up for the transmission of the broadcast program in Vienna in the provinces. In Tyrol the first broadcast pilot programs in 1926 were held in Aldrans near Innsbruck. The history of the land goes back to the studios Tirol built in the French occupation zone 1945 " Sender Group West ". This had studios in Dornbirn and Innsbruck. 1952 which transmitting equipment earlier than in the other zones of occupation, the Tyrolean provincial government were handed over. The program was mixed, local news and local information are also sent as classical music, radio plays or features that are still called " Hörfolgen ". In the literature department of the former station Innsbruck talents as Ernst Grissemann, Axel Corti, Otto Grünmandl or Bert grew wide. Between 1954 and 1956, the former "Sender Group West " was transferred to the newly established ORF.

Radio Tirol went with introduction of the structural programs on October 1, 1967 as " ER - Radio Tirol " in its present form on the air. In 1972 the current regional studio in the Innsbruck area Saggen was opened. There were and are produced in a principal activity in radio broadcasting television programs for the series " Austria picture," from 1988, the weekday, later daily information and news magazine " Tirol heute". In 1992 the old term " ER ", the " regional Austria " stood for, " Ö2 " abandoned in favor of the name. With the nationwide introduction of private regional radio stations, the name " Ö2 " was increasingly pushed into the background and because of the better edge over the competition with the new "more useful " name " Radio Tirol " smoothed.

Transmission area

Focus of the coverage area and its reporting is especially Tirol (including East Tyrol and South Tyrol). The music ranges from pop and oldies on folk music to folk music.

Radio Tirol is produced and broadcast on ORF radio in Innsbruck. Occasionally there are also special programs on Radio Tirol, eg at a ski event.

Other broadcasters

There is also a South Tyrolean private stations, which also Radio Tirol (named after the location near the village of Tyrol ) is called. Earlier this also beamed down to the area of ​​Innsbruck, this frequency was but one taken from the radio station South Tyrol.