• Julian C. Day (CEO)
  • Jim Gooch (CFO )

RadioShack Corporation (formerly Tandy Corporation ) is a group of companies with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, a retail chain for electronics products into the United States. The range is primarily aimed at people interested in technical and electronics hobbyist. In Europe and South America, the Group maintains branches. The company is listed on the stock index S & P 500.

2007, held 7,000 RadioShack stores in the U.S. and reported 4.3 billion U.S. dollars in sales for the year.


The company started under the name RadioShack (English: shack: hut, shed ) in 1921 in Boston, Massachusetts, where the brothers Theodore and Milton German man offering equipment for radio and amateur radio operators in their business. In the early 1940s brought RadioShack out his first mail order catalog and launched so the shipping business, which should be one of the key drivers for the company.

From 1954 RadioShack began, electronics products to sell under their own brand name. After the company was advised in the 1960s in an economic crisis, in 1963, bought by the Tandy Corporation, which had originally traded in leather goods and the company was renamed " Tandy Radio Shack ".

In 1977, a RadioShack one of the first home computer, the TRS- 80th This product was in the 1980s one of the most successful products of RadioShack.

Around the same time the chain store Tandy was opened with several hundred stores in Europe. From 1985, all German stores were closed again.

In May 2000, the company had to remove the " Tandy " from the company name again and called back only RadioShack; same time the logo was modernized.

The company was the main sponsor of the cycling team Team RadioShack, which was founded in summer 2009 by former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and the start of the season in 2012 merged with the Luxembourg team Leopard Trek to Team RadioShack -Nissan.