RadioTux is a podcast project founded in 2001 with the thematic focus of Linux, Open Source and web culture. It produces at regular intervals different formats and has become a sought-after media partners for open -source events.


Current shipments

Magazine program

Monthly magazine appears a consignment of RadioTux. These are either busy with a special theme or offers a variety of different contributions, which are separated by music. Special programs, there has been, among other things from the Zarafa Summercamp 2010.

Former shipments

Because of staff and lack of resources, many formats have been set in late 2011 or outsourced to independent projects in order to focus more on the monthly magazine program.

RadioTux Talk

This weekly talk show from the studio of HoRadS, which were broadcast live, dealt with news about Linux, open source and web culture. As a separator between the various thematic blocks served free music.

Among the guests were previously among others, the Vice President of KDE eV Frank Karlitschek or Dirk Deimeke, Chairman of ubuntu Germany eV

The format was set at RadioTux, but will continue to operate under the name Binärgewitter.

Live Streams of trade fairs and conferences

RadioTux was present at nearly all major trade fairs and conferences in Germany. So were, for example, the CeBIT, the Chemnitz Linux Days or the LinuxTag in Berlin at fixed sizes in the broadcast calendar. When interviewed the project in addition to the charge of KDE and Gnome and several Linux distributions like Ubuntu could also welcome the stars of the scene Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth.

Weekly News

RadioTux served as a platform for the weekly news bulletins from the communities of Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE.

TechView podcast

The TechView podcast focuses on various technology topics related to GNU / Linux, new hardware and software, net politics and BeOS and Haiku ( operating system). This format will continue to operate independently since 2012 by Leszek Leszner.


The P3Cast, formerly Playing Penguin podcast, deals with topics from the Linux gaming world. In this case, there is no difference between free and commercial games is made. This format will continue to operate independently since 2012.


All incurred fees are published on various platforms such as iTunes or via RSS feed as a podcast. Here are several variants of the posts available. So broadcasts in MP3 format as well as in free Ogg / Vorbis format available. Furthermore, listeners between versions with and without (blank ) select music.

By now, several hundreds of podcasts in the archive.


  • RadioTux is the media partner for the OpenOffice Conference 2010
  • To RadioTux involved Together with Orange 94.0 and other radio stations also in the transmission of Freedom not Fear demonstrations of radio in 1984.