Radovesice ( German Radowesitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located one kilometer east of Libochovice an der Eger and belongs to Okres Litoměřice.


The village is to the left of Eger. By Radovesice leads the state road 246 between Louny and Roudnice, the 247 branches off from the Lovosice in place. North of the village passes the railroad, next tram are Libochovice and Žabovřesky nad Ohri.

Neighboring towns are Chotěšov in the north, nad Ohri Žabovřesky in the east, Kostelec nad Ohri in the southeast, Brníkov in the south, and Poplze Radlovka the southwest, Libochovice in the west and Slatina in the northwest.


Radoves was first mentioned in 1237 in a document Wenceslas I.. Since the 13th century the village to the castle rabbits was associated. The inhabitants lived from agriculture and in particular the hops occupied since 1404. Owners were from 1336 to 1564 the Zajíc of rabbit castle. They were followed until 1594 Lobkowicz, who established the rule Libochovice. 1606 acquired Sigismund Báthory the place and 1610 was followed by the Sternberger, also owner of the domain Budyně nad Ohri were. During their and their successors, the Dietrichsteiner rule, the village was alternately belonging to Libochovice and Budyně.

1631 burned the entire village from, another local fire occurred in 1701. During the 18th century by the building of a bridge over the Eger.

After the replacement of patrimonial Radovesice 1848 an independent village.


  • Statue of St. John of Nepomuk northeast of the village
  • Bell tower