Raf Vallone


Raf Vallone mother from a Calabrian noble family and was the son of a successful lawyer. At the University of Turin he studied law and philosophy, and then joined the law firm of his father. Already in 1942 he starred in his first film, however, dealt not with a possible movie career. Only when Giuseppe De Santis cast him in 1949 as a lover of Silvana Mangano in Bitter Rice, began his career as a star of Italian cinema. He was one of Italy's most popular actor who played regularly with stars such as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Anna Magnani on stage, in film and on television.

In 1950, he starred as miners leader in Pietro Germi Il cammino della speranza first time alongside his future wife, Elena Varzi. In the following year he played Garibaldi. Due to its French and English language skills, he was seen in 1951 and in numerous international productions. In Germany in 1956, he played alongside Maria Schell in Horst Hächlers love and Wolfgang Staudtes Rose Bernd. In the early 1960s he staged in Paris in the Arthur Miller play A View from the Bridge, and also played the lead role in the film adaptation of Sidney Lumet. 1963 Vallone appeared in his first American film, Otto Preminger in on the Cardinal. He played in at least 15 films in the U.S.. One of his roles was that of a Vatican cardinal in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather III (1990).

Vallone was married until his death 52 years with actress Elena Varzi. Your children Eleonora and Saverio tried as an actor.

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