Rafet el Roman

Rafet El Roman ( born August 25, 1968 in Havsa, Edirne, Turkey; actually Rafet Yaşdut ) is an artist of Turkish pop music. He lives in a clean home.


When his parents moved in 1970 to Germany as guest workers, Rafet stayed first with his grandmother in the village Ömerbey in Uzunköprü and was brought into the age of seven by his parents to Germany. At age 16, he had already composed his first songs and wrote his first lyrics.

After he had applied in 1984 at Midnight Entertainment as an extra, began his career as an actor. In 1987 he played the lead role in the movie " Defender". He learned a lot about camera work, dramaturgy and resulted in his action scenes partially self- directed. It turned out to be very versatile talent which later helped him to produce his own video clips.

In 1992 he received from the Saarland Radio Radio the best new artist and two years later the Media Artist Award at the Frankfurt Cultural Festival. In 1995 he went to Turkey, to record his first solo album.

In addition to his music career, he also focuses again on acting. In 1998 he played alongside great actors like Kemal Sunal and Metin Akpınar the lead role in the Turkish film propaganda. Two years later, the next film Dar alanda kısa followed paslasmalar with Müjde Ar.

In 2000 he founded his own record label called " RER Müzik ".