• Bernd Tönjes, CEO
  • Werner Müller, Chairman of the Board

The RAG Aktiengesellschaft (formerly Ruhr coal AG ) is a German company based in Herne, traditionally active in the coal industry, has gained in recent years through acquisitions and a strong chemical division and beyond in power plant construction and the real estate sector worked. On 14 September 2006, the so-called was " white area ", that is, the non- coal sectors: Chemicals, Energy and Real Estate, spun into RAG Beteiligungs AG, which was renamed on 12 September 2007 in Evonik Industries AG. The RAG consists, after the reorganization as holding the parts of the company RAG AG German hard coal, anthracite Ibbenbüren RAG, RAG Montan Immobilien, RAG Ruhr analytics and RAG Mining Solutions continues. The RAG Aktiengesellschaft and Evonik Industries went the end of 2007 into the possession of RAG-Stiftung.

  • 4.1 Degussa, Steag and RAG Immobilien
  • 4.2 Ruhr coal countertrade
  • 4.3 RAG computer science
  • 4.4 RAG Bildung
  • 4.5 RAG Bahn und Hafen
  • 4.6 Other companies and participations


The Ruhr coal AG was founded on 27 November 1968 as a consolidation company of the German coal mining industry. It included at this time 80 % of the German coal mines. 1969 was assured with the steelworks agreement between the Ruhr coal AG and the German iron and steel works, the business base of the company.

In 1972 the Ruhr coal AG employs 168,400 people and generates an annual turnover of 7.2 billion DM

1975 was introduced by a surcharge on the price of electricity with coal penny a direct subsidization of the German coal mining industry. This grant was in 1994 declared unconstitutional. In various agreements to subsidize the company and the reduction of production capacity for the period up to 2012 was negotiated with the federal government.

In 1998, the Ruhr coal AG Saarbergwerke and 1999 Preussag Anthracite GmbH. Thus, the Ruhr coal subsidiary DSK AG owns all still promoting German coal mines was. The Group also operates a number of industrial railways and tailings heaps in this context.

The Ruhr coal AG was transformed afterwards - including through the acquisition of Degussa and STEAG - to become a global diversified mining, energy and chemical company.

Following the acquisition of Degussa and STEAG the Ruhr coal AG changed its name to RAG Aktiengesellschaft.

On 14 September 2006, the Chemicals, Energy and Real Estate RAG were spun off in the form of RAG Beteiligungs -AG and renamed Evonik Industries AG, on 12 September 2007, since the old name for a RAG was too much associated with coal mining and and you wanted to go to other international investors do not scare as "rag " in English "rag " is.

Coal Foundation

To cover the consequential costs of mining the RAG Foundation was founded in the summer of 2007. Founding chairman was former BP manager Wilhelm Bonse- Geuking now heading Werner Müller Foundation.

Current areas of activity

RAG German coal

The company RAG German coal located in Herne is the mining division of the RAG. ( Auguste Victoria, Prosper -Haniel and Ibbenbüren currently ) bundled Here, all active in Germany coal mines are.

RAG Anthracite Ibbenbüren

RAG Anthracite Ibbenbüren GmbH operates the Ibbenbüren mine. With about 2,339 employees, about 1.9 million tons of anthracite coal are promoted in the year.

RAG Montan Immobilien

RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH, formerly mining - land mbH ( MGG ), headquartered in Essen is a member company of the RAG Aktiengesellschaft, to manage the areas and the Group's properties, redevelops, develops and markets. The European Coal and Steel Land mbH ( MGG ) was founded in 1977. Until the late 1980s, the company focused on cross-regional land development and utilization of former mining areas of the Saar and Ruhr and on the privatization of the old mining settlements. Since the 90s, the focus is on surfaces and project development. So partly as Minister Stein in Dortmund or in Gladbeck- Brauck as well as founder and technology centers as Eurotec Moers or the GründerZentrum Prosper in Bottrop were implemented in Public Private Partnership after restoration on former mining areas of service and industrial parks. As an example applies the development of 50 hectares Ewald in Herten, formerly the largest mining town in Europe.

RAG Mining Solutions

The RAG was founded in May 2009 Mining Solutions GmbH ( RMS ) offers German mining technology and services worldwide.

RAG Ruhr analytics

RAG Ruhr Analytik GmbH is an independent accredited Prüflabotorium in Herne whose work focuses on fuels is in the field of festivals.

Former subsidiaries

Degussa, Steag and RAG Immobilien

The three former subsidiary of the " white area " Degussa, Steag and RAG Immobilien AG (today: Vivawest ) were spun on 14 September 2006 in the RAG Beteiligungs- AG, which operates under the name of Evonik Industries AG since 12 September 2007.

Ruhr coal countertrade

The Ruhr coal countertrade was the late 1990s, briefly active. The aim of the activities was to pave the way by compensation trade in meat and dairy products as well as products of daily needs new business relationships. It remained in the attempt.

RAG computer science

RAG computer science was bought by the SBS 2005. Siemens took over so that the IT services to external customers of RAG Aktiengesellschaft.

RAG Bildung

RAG EDUCATION Ltd. is a company in the field of vocational education and training, based in Essen, and was a 100 % subsidiary of RAG Aktiengesellschaft. The service company covers a wide range of vocational training of the professional preparation of all areas of education and training through to consulting from - every day around 10,000 people professionally qualified. In the nearly 40 training centers and vocational schools RAG EDUCATION a wide range of professional and private education is imparted. Since 1 June 2010, the RAG EDUCATION GmbH is part of the TÜV NORD AG.

RAG Bahn und Hafen

The former colliery railway and port operations Ruhr -Mitte ( listeners ) in 1993 in RAG Bahn und Hafen (BiH ) renamed and sold to DB Schenker Rail in 2005, today the company is operated under RBH Logistics and is in rail freight transport, port handling and inland waterways active.

Other companies and participations

As part of the reorganization of the Group (separation of black and white field and the focus on the business areas: Chemicals, Energy and Real Estate ) many investments have been in recent years abandoned and sold subsidiaries with a total turnover of over 4 billion euros, or granted independence.