Rage (video game)

  • Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 512 MB ​​graphics card ( GeForce 8800 / Radeon HD 4200)
  • 25 GB of storage
  • DirectX 9.0c

Rage (English, anger ') is a computer game by id Software and was published on October 7, 2011 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game can be assigned primarily to the genre first person shooter, but also contains, for example, also racing game elements. The game is based first on the new graphics engine id Tech 5 The game was released uncut in Germany.


An asteroid threatens to plunge in the future on the earth and destroy all life on it. The governments of the world are faced with the task of ensuring human survival. Because the asteroid can not be stopped, so-called " arks " developed. These are created deep below the earth's surface and provide protection for a selected group of people.

106 years after the asteroid has devastated the Earth, the player wakes up as the sole survivor of his ark of his Cryoschlaf and exits. When the survivors reached the surface, he is attacked by two members of the Ghost clan. Dan Hagar (voiced in the English version of John Goodman), a wasteland settlers, rescues him and brings him to his settlement. Dan informs the survivors that the "Authority ", a kind of new government, for unknown reasons behind Ark residents forth. First, the survivor for Dan and his settlement done simple jobs. However, since his presence for the settlement is too dangerous to leave the survivor Dan settlement and goes to the nearby town of Wellspring.

During his stay there, he helps the residents of the city with various problems, such as in the defense against bandits and mutants. Finally he comes up with Kvasir, a senior scientist who has worked for the government, in contact. Kvasir told the survivors of the inhuman experiments of the authorities and the creation of mutants and brings the survivors into contact with the resistance, an anti - Authority Group. After the rescue of the leader of the resistance, Captain Marshall, the survivor draws the government's attention on himself and has to flee from Wellspring. He finds the headquarters of the resistance, Subway Town, refuge. As he has already done in Wellspring, he earns trust and respect among the citizens because it takes orders for them. From the leader of the resistance, Captain Marshall, who himself is a survivor of an ark, the survivor learns what has happened in the last century. Just before the asteroid Apophis hit the Earth, has one of the generals, who was responsible for the Ark program, all hierarchs sabotaged until the arks in which the people were who were loyal to him. The rest should remain forever in hibernation. Today People from the hierarchs not sabotaged form the government.

As the government rapidly expanded their circle of influence around Wellspring, the resistance is forced to act. With the help of Ark survivors he is to find out the locations of all hierarchs on earth capable of. Marshall plans to use these data in order to reactivate the hierarchs and to form an army in order to destroy the government. The only way to do this, the data from Capital Prime is to be transferred in the government headquarters. Alone the survivor struggling through and manages to transfer the activation code. The game ends by all Hierarchs be activated on the surface.

Game concept

While id Software with the previous computer game Doom and Quake series developed pure first-person shooter genre and decisively coined in the 1990s, the development studio with Rage wanted by both the gameplay and the game world began a new path. Rage can also be assigned to the first-person shooter genre in essence, but it also contains combat vehicle, racing games and simple role-playing elements.

In contrast to the linear level design in recent FPS games often encountered Rage has a more open game design. The gameplay designed by side missions that can optionally be followed in addition to the main missions, not strictly linear. However, it is not a genuine open - world game and it was not planned by the developers as such. Also, interactions between the player character and non-player Charaktern are part of the gameplay. As usual with role-playing games, the player of different people can take against a certain reward jobs and the environment for Loot ( booty ) search. But the main thing is the fight in the first-person perspective against different types of opponents with a large number of different weapons in linear rather held game sections.


Rage has two multiplayer modes: Road Rage and Legends of the Wasteland. With Road Rage occur up to four players in a free -for-all match. These matches will be conducted in arenas with vehicles. The objective is to collect as many points as possible by destroying an enemy vehicle and steals his points. Legends of the Wasteland comprises a series of two-player co -op missions based on the story of the single player campaign. In this game mode, there are a total of nine different missions.


By using the id Tech 5 manages a wide variety of textures with large outdoor areas to achieve a more realistic shade model and fluid movements of the sprites and models. However, there are problems with the implementation for the Playstation 3, as far as the liquid loading of textures.