Rahul Bose

Life and work

Rahul is the son of Rupen and Kumud Bose. His older sister Anuradha is with Tarique Ansari, owner of Mid-Day Multimedia Ltd. , A multifaceted media company in Mumbai, married. After his childhood in Kolkata, the family moved to Mumbai. There he showed for the first time to the public in the performance of Tom, The Piper's Son, he was just six years old.

His mother taught him how to boxing and his passion Rugby closer. He still plays in international tournaments with the National Orange India rugby team. During his time at college besides boxing and rugby, the theater was his passion.

After his film debut in English, August, he gave his well-paid position as an advertising executive at " Rediffusion " and began his film acting career.

Rahul Bose is also because of its social commitment and for his beliefs, for example, never again to play the same film material, or to make a purely commercial film known. He is far from the conventional Bollywood cinema and preferred arthouse productions.

In May 2005, a retrospective exhibition of his work took place in Geneva. Kofi Annan praised his film Mr. and Mrs. Iyer ( Director: Aparna Sen).



  • Mahesh Bhatt Spokesperson Award 2005
  • The Mani Kaul Award 2004 ( Everybody Says I'm Fine! )
  • Best Asian Actor Award Film Festival Singapure 2000 ( Split Wide Open )