Raid (gaming)

Raid is a term that occurs primarily in Massively Multiplayer Online Role- Playing Games ( MMORPG). He is the original meaning of the English word Raid ( in German: assault, robbery ) ajar and called either a looting / a raid on a play area or even a short-term coalition of players (also: Raid Party ). Often the target of a raid is only to defeat a superior opponent ( mob ).

In many MMORPG opportunities for raids are set by the sellers / server operators. Thus, for instance, in certain dungeons all enemies killed, or cities are attacked - this is for a single player usually not possible, Raid opportunities are usually designed so that the presence and interaction of many players is mandatory. On raids usually from 10 to 40 players are involved, but there are also raids with 100 or more players. Raids are the most popular pursuits in an MMORPG. One type of the raid is the raid retaliation, this describes a combination Close of players to perform specific acts of revenge against other players.