Raiffeisen is the brand name or part of more than 330,000 companies that deal with agriculture -related products for upstream and downstream, as well as general financial services worldwide.


With the establishment of Flammer fields Hülfsvereins to support impecunious farmers (1848 ), the Heddesdorfer Darlehnskassen Association (1864 ) and Rheinische Agricultural Cooperative Bank ( 1872), the social reformer Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen ( 1818-1888 ) created models to support impecunious farmers and agricultural cooperative purchasing for cheap purchase of production inputs such as seeds and fertilizers. To pay both the "green credit ", which provided seed and fertilizer with the later harvest, as well as the common crop marketing and the locally-managed savings and loan associations were introduced in accordance with its proposals in many villages of Germany. At least seven farmers were required to establish village cooperatives to purchase or sales. To negotiate effectively, and make it inexpensive to purchase seed and fertilizer, the cooperative statutes unlimited liability by all the assets of the members called for first. After the first phase of the guarantees success on the ability of the board members and after saving forms of cooperative assets on this common wealth were limited. The motto: "One for all, all for one" was the basis for the agricultural cooperatives of trade, as well as the name of the inventor "Raiffeisen " part of their name and brand was.

Established from the same period of Hermann Schulze- Delitzsch (1808-1883) savings and co-operative societies on cooperative basis, the banks have developed folk who joined from the middle of the 20th century in Germany with the Raiffeisen banks.

Raiffeisen organization

The cooperative organization has multiple business units.

Raiffeisen banks

Raiffeisen banks are cooperative banks also operate as Raiffeisen and Volksbank.

  • Albania: Raiffeisen Bank Albania, Albania's largest bank
  • Germany: Cooperative Bank, German cooperative banks, credit institutions in the legal form of a cooperative
  • List of cooperative banks in Germany, regional associations and cooperative banks in Germany


The main Raiffeisen cooperatives are an association of regional goods cooperatives.

  • Germany Agravis Raiffeisen AG, Raiffeisen Hauptgenossenschaft Lower Saxony and parts of NRW
  • BayWa AG, Raiffeisen Hauptgenossenschaft Bavaria and Württemberg
  • Raiffeisen Warenzentrale Electorate of Hesse - Thuringia
  • Raiffeisen Waren - Zentrale Rhein -Main, Raiffeisen Hauptgenossenschaft southern Hesse, Rhineland -Palatinate, Saarland and parts of NRW
  • ZG Raiffeisen, Central Cooperative in Karlsruhe, Raiffeisen Hauptgenossenschaft Baden and parts of Alsace (F)
  • Raiffeisen cooperatives in Austria, autonomous individual companies

Raiffeisen associations

Raiffeisen associations control and represent cooperative and other organizations.

  • Germany: German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation ( DGRV ) is the umbrella organization of the German co-operative organization.
  • German Raiffeisen Association represents a member of the DGRV the co-operative enterprises of the German agricultural and food industry.
  • Austrian Raiffeisen Association, central interests of all Raiffeisen cooperatives and other organizations, businesses and affiliates
  • Raiffeisenverband Salzburg, National Centre of Raiffeisen cooperatives in Salzburg

Raiffeisen Real Estate Agents

Raiffeisen Real Estate Agent:

  • Austria: The Austrian market is currently (2013 ) covered by twelve Raiffeisen real estate agents: Raiffeisen Real Estate, Vienna
  • Real Estate Bank, Klagenfurt
  • Raiffeisen Real Estate, Carinthia
  • Real-Treuhand, Linz
  • Raiffeisen Real Estate, Salzburg
  • Raiffeisen Real Estate, Styria
  • Raiffeisen construction, Tirol
  • Raiffeisen Immobilien Treuhand, Kitzbühel Alps - Tirol
  • Raiffeisen Bank, Wipptal - Tirol
  • Raiffeisen Real Estate Service, Breitenbach - Tirol
  • Raiffeisenbank Reutte - Tirol
  • Raiffeisen Real Estate, Vorarlberg