RAIKO is a Japanese technology test satellite with CubeSat architecture, which was built at the Tohoku University and at the University of Wakayama. It is named after the Japanese god of thunder.

RAIKO was launched on 21 July 2012 in an H -2 Transfer Vehicle in Tanegashima Space Center and brought to the International Space Station ISS. From there it was on October 4, 2012 along with the four other CubeSats TechEdSat, WE WISH FITSAT -1 and F-1, released through an airlock into space.

RAIKO has three camera systems. A color camera was provided for recording the ISS during the Aussetzvorgangs, another with fish-eye lens for Erdaufnahmen. The third camera works as a star sensor and is used for position control. The power supply of RAIKO via solar panels and a NiMH battery.

Although it was launched in 2012, is his COSPAR designation 1998 - 067CN, because he is considered subsatellite the ISS, whose ID is 1998 - 067A.