Raimundo Saporta

Raimundo Saporta Namias ( born December 16, 1926 in Paris, † February 2nd 1997 in Madrid ) was a sports official at Real Madrid, the Spanish Basketball Federation FEB ( ) and the FIBA.


Raimundo Saporta came as the son of the Spaniard Jaime Saporta and the Frenchwoman Simone Nahmias in Paris on the world. When France was occupied during the Second World War by German troops, the Sephardic Jewish family Saporta fled in 1941 to Madrid. Raimundo Saporta in 1947 began working as an official in the Spanish Basketball Federation, and a year later he was appointed Vice President.

Real Madrid

Spanish Federation and FIBA

Despite his work at Real Madrid Saporta presented his work at the Spanish Basketball Federation and FIBA is not one. He was considered one of the most responsible for the founding of the Spanish basketball league in 1956 and the European Cup of Champions 1957. Saporta was also a member of the organizing committee of the European Basketball Championship in 1973 and the Football World Cup 1982.

His death sparked great mourning in the national and international basketball scene. The European Cup Winners' Cup was renamed in his honor in the Saporta Cup, and the former basketball arena of Real Madrid in Pabellón Raimundo Saporta.

In 2007 he was accepted as one of the first officials in the FIBA Hall of Fame. The ' FIBA Order of Merit ' he received in March 1997.