Rain tyre

As rain tires race tires are called, which are used in motorsport events when the track is at least partially wet and slick tire types and intermediates can not be used or would be too slow.


Rain tires have a very soft rubber compound which ensures even at low track temperatures even for good adhesion. In addition, the tread is highly profiled in order to derive water well can. The negative profile corresponds to the proportion and the optics ago partly conventional road tires. With these properties, even at very high speeds are possible even in the pouring rain and standing water on the track. The possible transverse accelerations are even in these conditions even higher than those of street-legal tires on dry pavement.


Due to the high negative profile share, and the soft rubber compound rain tires tend to wear very fast when the track conditions are no longer fit for purpose. With a drying track, the flexing and thus the tire temperature increases extremely; the tires begin in the border area to " swim ", so very early but gently losing adhesion. Therefore, it is frequently observed that racer look and drive through to cool the tire again wet track parts in these conditions. The optimum usable temperature range on the tread end at about 60 ° C; at higher temperatures are Intermediates better choice.


The tires Uniroyal called one of their tire types also as rain tires. However, these are not race tires, but street -legal tires to work especially well on wet roads. However, since these tires have to cope with all the other non- winter road conditions, the name is rather to be understood as a marketing arrangement.

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