Rajec ( Rajetz German, Hungarian Rajec ) is a town with about 6,000 inhabitants in north-western Slovakia.


It is located in Rajčanka Valley and is 20 km south of Žilina.


The village was mentioned in documents in 1193 for the first time as Raich and had been in the Middle Ages the market right; in the city flourished the craft.


The marketplace is surrounded by only a few historical buildings, the Renaissance town hall, where the traces of the Baroque style of the 18th century have been eliminated in the latest restoration work again. The built in the 14th century Gothic parish church was also missed a Baroque appearance in the 18th century. At the arcades house on the south side of the church is a memorial plaque to Juraj Slota (1819-1892, professor of Matica Slovenská ).

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