Ralbitz -Rosenthal, Sorbian Ralbicy - Róžant, is a Saxon village in the district of Bautzen in Upper Lusatia. It was formed in 1994 from the communities Ralbitz and Rosenthal and is located about 10 km east of the city Kamenz the monastery of water. In 2001, 84.34 % of the municipality population of Sorbian were powerful. The community part of the core settlement area of ​​the West Slavic people.

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The community is located between the cities of Kamenz and Hoyerswerda along the water in the monastery so-called " low country " ( Delany ). About a third of the municipal area is covered by forests.

Local structure

The districts are ( population figures as of 2012):

  • Cunnewitz ( Konjecy ), 255 inhabitants
  • Boundary ( Hrańca ), 54 residents
  • Laske ( Łazk ), 80 residents
  • Naußlitz ( Nowoslicy ), 108 inhabitants
  • New Schmerlitz ( Bušenka ), a resident
  • Ralbitz ( Ralbicy ), 334 inhabitants
  • Rosenthal ( Róžant ), 247 inhabitants
  • Schmerlitz ( Smjerdźaca ), 172 inhabitants
  • Schönau ( Šunow ), 285 inhabitants
  • Zerna ( Sernjany ), 185 inhabitants


According to the census of 2011, there were at this time of 1,733 inhabitants, 1,552 Roman Catholic ( 89.6 %), 31 Protestant (1.8%) and 149 belonged to another or no religion at ( 8.6%).


The local council of Ralbitz -Rosenthal currently consists of twelve male members. The municipal election in 2009 resulted in the following voting or distribution of seats:

Culture and sights

The municipal cemetery to the village church in Ralbitz characterized by uniform white, decorated with golden body wood crosses. They should remember the equality before God even in death.

The nature reserve Lasker riparian forest ( Łazkowski niwowy LES) at the Monastery of water is protected as a last remnant of the original floodplain vegetation and worth seeing.

Pilgrimage Rosenthal

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The community Ralbitz -Rosenthal has a Sorbian elementary and high school, which is located in Ralbitz. The latter is one of four remaining Sorbian secondary schools in Saxony.