Rally for Democracy and Progress (Namibia)

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP; Movement for Democracy and Progress) is a party established in November 2007 in Namibia. It was founded after several members of the ruling South West Africa People's Organization ( SWAPO ) leaked from dissatisfaction or were excluded and newly formed. On September 7, 2010, RDP has announced the electoral merger with the Republican Party ( RP).

It is considered the first serious rival to the ruling SWAPO. In the past, RDP events were often disturbed by SWAPO supporters. Numerous cases of hate speech by the ruling SWAPO are documented.

The party leadership is composed of party president Hidipo Hamutenya, Vice President Steve Bezuidenhout, Secretary General Jesaya Nyamu (former Namibian Minister of Commerce) and the Vice General Secretary Agnes Limbo.

Motto is It's time for change, together we can do better ( It's time for change, together we can make it better).


Party president Hidipo Hamutenya was Minister of Information of the exiled SWAPO during the struggle for independence. In this capacity he was in 1986 involved in the unmasking of an alleged spy ring in the liberation movement. As it became known after independence, most of the so-called spies were forced under torture to false confessions. From their confessions video recordings were made for their production Hamutenya was responsible. To this end, he has never really taken a position. However, the RDP has placed on their list of candidates for the national elections in November 2009, two former torture victim of SWAPO, which can be considered as a sign of reconciliation.

In addition, Hamutenya distanced in the publication of the candidate list of accusations that it constitutes a Kwanyama Party in the RDP.

Election results

At the first election participation 2009, the RDP won more votes than ever before an opposition party since 1999. Garnering 8 seats and almost 11.2% of the vote.



Members in the National Assembly since 2010, the following eight party members:

  • Steve Bezuidenhout
  • Hidipo Hamutenya
  • Agnes Limbo
  • Heiko Lucks
  • Peter Naholo
  • Kandy Nehova
  • Jesaya Nyamu
  • Anton von Wietersheim