Ralph McTell

Ralph McTell ( born December 3, 1944 in Farnborough, Kent ) is an English folk -influenced songwriter, singer and guitar player.

His first album, Eight Frames a Second was published in 1968. He was especially 1974/1975 with a new recording of Streets of London, which was included in another version already on his second album Spiral Staircase from 1969, and for which he was awarded the Ivor Novello Award recognition. After initial successes such as Girl on a Bicycle (which was covered later by Herman van Veen in German ) or England, a socially critical love letter to his home country, he turned in the 1970s to the more commercially oriented mainstream. Only at the end of the decade, he returned in the wake of the emerging Irish folk revival to this style of music back. In the 1980s McTell worked on various children's programs. For example, he sang the theme song of the cartoon series The Wind in the Willows (1984-1988) and he took part in the shipment Alphabet Zoo with the BBC.

Discography (selection)

  • Eight Frames a Second - Transatlantic, 1968
  • Spiral Staircase - Transatlantic, 1969
  • My Side of Your Window - Transatlantic, 1969
  • Revisited - Transatlantic 1970 ( Remix Compilation )
  • You Well Meaning Brought Me Here - Famous 1971 (outside UK as Streets of London)
  • Not Till Tomorrow - Reprise, 1972
  • Easy - Reprise, 1974
  • Streets ... - Warner Bros., 1975
  • Slide Away the Screen - Warner Bros., 1979
  • The Boy with a Note - Leola, 1992
  • National Treasure - Leola, 2002
  • Gates of Eden - Leola, 2006