Ram Vaswani

Ram " Crazy Horse " Vaswani (* 1970 in London ) is an English professional poker player who has previously played professional snooker. He is the youngest member of the Hendon Mob and currently resides in Finchley.


Vaswani grew up in Finchley, where he was introduced to snooker. He started playing at 13 and skipped for the school. After he was 18, he played two years professionally ( he scored 3 centuries in a game and also managed a maximum break ). He let the snooker career and grind but was more interested in gambling. Thus, it was unlikely that he could make the breakthrough to the top players.

Poker career

Early years

Vaswani began to play cards at the age of nine years. Ram has long time Seven Card Stud referred to as his favorite game and made ​​his first professional experience in the Victoria Casino in London.

Vaswani met Joe Beevers in Luton as if to place a bet dogs and conspired with him to play poker. With Barny and Ross Boatman they set up a poker game, and the Hendon Mob called themselves.

Vaswani shares with the Lakota leader Tashunca - uitco the nickname Crazy Horse, which he chose himself.

His first major tournament success he achieved in 1999. He won the 5000 Hfl LIDO Tournament at the Master Classics of Poker in Amsterdam. At the time it was the largest poker tournament in Europe. Joe Beevers, however, had in the run-up to the buy to borrow because Vaswani was broke him.

The World Series of Poker and other tournaments

Vaswani 2001 could conclude his first tournament at the World Series of Poker in the price ranks. A year later, he finished third in a $ 2,000 Limit Hold 'em tournament and second in a $ 2,000 Hold'em / Stud tournament. In 2004, he was in third place with a $ 3,000 No Limit Hold'em tournament.

In the World Series of Poker 2007, the " Crazy Horse " won his first bracelet. In a Limit Hold'em ( Shootout ) Competition with a buy in of $ 1500, he secured the first place and won more than $ 217,000.

Vaswani has so far managed to four final tables at the European Poker Tour. He won in 2004, the Dublin EPT tournament in 2005 was runner-up in Copenhagen, 2006 in Deauville fifth and eighth in the 2007 season finale in Monaco.

Currently are its revenue at over $ 3,400,000 through official poker tournaments.

Vaswani played on the poker site Full Tilt Poker of which he, like the entire Hendon Mob, was also sponsored.

On 5 April 2007 Ram Vaswani has lost to Brian Townsend more than $ 400,000 during a 300/600- $ No Limit Texas Hold'em session.

His last tournament win, he scored in November 2011.


  • Hendon mob
  • Poker Player (England)
  • English
  • Born in 1970
  • Man