Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan (Hebrew רמת גן " garden level " ) is a town near Tel Aviv in Israel. Ramat Gan is part of the metropolitan area of Gush Dan in the Tel Aviv District and has 148 035 inhabitants ( 31 December 2011).

General Information

Ramat Gan was established as an agricultural settlement in 1921. Over the years, more and more people came into this attractive, centrally located and very green area. The community has thus changed a lot and has developed into an industrial and commercial city. In Ramat Gan is a zoological garden named "Safari ", which houses, among other things, more than thirty hippos as well as a herd of elephants with the world's best breeding successes Asian elephants.

Today Ramat Gan is home to the Israeli national football stadium, the second largest diamond exchange in the world, the Israel Diamond Exchange, and the tallest building of Israel, the 244 -meter-high City Gate. The Bar - Ilan University also has its headquarters in Ramat Gan.


The twin cities of Ramat Gan are

  • England Barnet ( London, England)
  • Poland Wroclaw ( Poland)
  • Germany Kassel ( Germany )
  • Germany Main-Kinzig -Kreis ( Germany )
  • Russia Penza ( Russia)
  • United States Phoenix (USA)
  • Peru San Borja (Lima, Peru )
  • People's Republic of China Shenyang ( China)
  • France Strasbourg ( France)
  • Hungary Szombathely (Hungary )
  • Germany Weinheim on the mountain road ( Germany )

Well-known residents


  • Miriam Gillis- Carlebach ( * 1922 ), high school teacher
  • Silvan Shalom, the Israeli foreign minister (2003 to January 2006)
  • Avi Primor ( b. 1935 ), Israeli diplomat, publicist


  • Ephraim Carlebach, Rabbi and founder of the first Jewish school in Saxony (1879-1936)
  • Aharon Davidi (1927-2012), a former brigadier general of the Israeli army and the founder of the volunteer program Sar -El
  • Abba Elchanan (1918-2008), an Israeli architect
  • Leo Kahn, artist (1894-1983)
  • Ludwig Schwerin, painter and book illustrator (1897-1983)

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Dalia Rabikovich (1936-2005), Israeli poet and peace activist
  • Uri Adelman (1958-2004), Israeli thriller writer
  • Shai Agassi ( born 1968 ), Israeli entrepreneurs
  • Dieter Graumann (* 1950), since 2010 Chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany
  • Amir Katz ( b. 1973 ), Israeli pianist
  • Aviv Geffen (born 1973 ), Israeli pop musicians