Rambo Amadeus

Rambo Amadeus (Serbian Cyrillic - Рамбо Амадеус, orig. Antonije Pušić, born June 14, 1963 in Kotor ) is a singer and composer from Montenegro. He describes himself as a musician, poet, and media manipulator.

His first solo album was released in 1988, he mixed it different music styles such as jazz, rap, rock and funk with mostly satirical political lyrics and spearheaded heard the term turbo folk. His crude improvised live performances were a media phenomenon in the former Yugoslavia and were mainly at the time of the Balkan conflicts popular. More often, his performances were compared with those of Frank Zappa.

Euro Vision Song Contest

Rambo Amadeus was appointed by an internal selection of the station RTCG the representative of Montenegro in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. With the satirical radio rap Euro neuro he started in the first semifinal, but failed to qualify for the final of the competition itself. His first " appearance " Rambo Amadeus already had the Euro Vision Song Contest 1991 in Rome, as a mention in the text of the Yugoslav contribution Bebi Dol Brazil the singer. It says: " Za Ramba, Dina, STA, STA, STA / da sam novu igru smislila " ( " For Rambo and Dino [ Dino Dvornik ie ] I have a new dance invented ").

Discography ( albums)