Ranavalona II.

Ranavalona II (* 1829, † July 13, 1883 ) was from 1868 to 1883 ruler of the Kingdom of Madagascar.

She followed her cousin Rasoherina to the throne and was a widow of Radama II. Ranavalona had the Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony geehelicht, which, as the fate of the country already initiated its predecessor, from the background as a gray eminence.

Ranavalona converted prior to their accession to the throne in 1868 to Christianity and certain Protestantism as the state religion. Your reign is characterized by rapid westernization of the island kingdom, accompanied by a close cooperation with British missionaries, economic growth, the building of schools and the start of the first codification of the law, but also the emergence of conflict with the colonial power, France.

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  • King (Madagascar)
  • Born in 1829
  • Died in 1883
  • Woman