Randstad Holding

Randstad Holding nv is an international staffing company headquartered in Diemen near Amsterdam. The name goes back to the same metropolitan area in the west of the Netherlands, where the company was founded. Randstad is currently represented in over 40 countries with 4,500 offices, including in Germany with the Randstad Germany GmbH & Co. KG.

In 2012, the Group has about 29,300 internal employees achieved sales of 17.1 billion euros. This Randstad Holding the second largest staffing company in the world.


In 1960, Frits Goldschmeding the company Randstad in Amstelveen - at that time under the name " Uitzendbureau Amstelveen ", 1964 it was renamed " Randstad Uitzendbureau ". 1965 began expanding to Belgium, a little later the development of markets in England and Germany. 1978, the company name was changed to " Randstad Holding nv". Twenty years after the establishment of consolidated sales stood at 500 million Dutch guilders ( translated: 226 million euros ).

For the 25th anniversary of 1985, Randstad Holding in four countries (1,600 internal employees, 35,000 temporary employees) was active with 257 offshoots. Five years later, the first listing of Randstad Holding at the Euro Euronext Amsterdam. Net income amounted to more than 90 million Dutch guilders ( 40 million euros ). In the same year the new headquarters opened in Diemen.

The acquisition of the " Flex Group" in 1992 was the largest acquisition to date of Randstad Holding, a year later, followed by the personnel service "Temp Force" and " Jane Jones " and the consequent entry into the U.S. market. To support the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, the company sold a 16,000 employees.

In 1998, Hans Zwarts the position of CEO and thus replaced the founder Frits Goldschmeding. In 2000, the Group celebrated its 40th anniversary, the turnover was 13 billion Dutch guilders (equivalent to 5.8 billion euros ). Two years later Cleem Farla was chairman of the board, the (2003) was replaced for health reasons by Ben Noteboom a year later.

In 2004 the company started its business activities in Poland, with the acquisition of "Inter Source" and " Net job " Randstad there was the market leader. In 2005, Randstad " Galilei" in Belgium, "Gamma Dienstverlening " in the Netherlands and " Martin Ward Anderson " in the UK, a year later came including " Bindan " and Teccon in Germany, " Team4U " in India and "Talent Shanghai " in China added. In the following year the company " Vedior " acquired.


With 68 per cent in 2010 formed the segment of temporary agency work ( " Staffing "), the largest share of total revenue of the Group. The segment of the recruitment of executives ( " Professionals " ) follows with 18 percent. The remaining 14 percent goes to so-called "in-house services," in which employees of Randstad take over the coordination and supervision of temporary employees at client companies on site.


In the program "Monitor " (ARD ) of 24 November 2011, the use of " working time accounts " at Randstad is criticized. Contrary to the Employment Act ( AÜG ) § 11 para 4 wallow Randstad here the risk for use of idle periods on the employee.