Randy Bachman

Randolph Charles Bachman, OC, OM ( born September 27, 1943 in Winnipeg, Manitoba ) is a Canadian rock musician ( guitar player and singer ), who was known primarily as a member of the bands The Guess Who, Iron Horse and Bachman -Turner Overdrive (BTO ). His son Tal Bachman is also a musician.

In 2000, Bachman, along with his colleagues from BTO, a guest appearance in the TV cartoon series The Simpsons. The author of the series, Matt Groening, whose father is also from Winnipeg, is an avowed fan of BTO.

2005 Bachman was awarded the Order of Manitoba, the highest decoration of the province of Manitoba, excellent. In the same year he was accused of being a scab, as he continued to work on his radio show during a strike. In 2012, Bachman was honored as a solo musician with a star on Canada 's Walk of Fame in Toronto - a tribute which he received in 2001 as a member of The Guess Who.

Randy Bachman is still out with his band Randy Bachman 's Rock and Bachman & Cummings Thing. He also has a popular theater show called Every Song Tells A Story, in which he recounts stories about his success songs from the 1960s and 1970s, which he performs to live with his band. In addition, Bachman is active as a writer and promoter of young talents.

Discography ( solo)

  • Ax (1970)
  • Survivor (1978)
  • Any Road ( 1993)
  • Bob 's Garage (Live, 1993)
  • Merge ( 1995)
  • Songbook (1998)
  • Every Song Tells a Story (2002)
  • Jazz Thing ( 2004)
  • Jazz Thing II ( 2007)