Randy Stonehill

Randy Stonehill ( born March 12, 1952 in Stockton, California ) is an American singer and composer. He is an important representative of modern Christian music.

His first album, Born Twice was published with the financial support of Pat Boone in 1971. The total cost should be no more than $ 800 and Stone Hill said about it: " It sounds like every penny of it"

The following year, Stonehill made ​​his debut (also known as Beware! The Blob ) as an actor in the second part of The Blob, Son of Blob. In the same year he co-wrote with Todd Fishkind and Keith Green Your Love Broke Through the song.

1976 Stone Hill published his most famous, produced by Larry Norman album Welcome to Paradise. For many critics and fans, it is also regarded as his best.

In 2001 he took over as Uncle Stonehill album Uncle Stonehill 's Hat for children.


  • Born Twice, 1971
  • Get Me Out of Hollywood, 1973
  • Welcome to Paradise, 1976 Produced by Larry Norman
  • Between the Glory and the Flame, 1981 Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
  • Equator, 1982 Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
  • Celebrate This Heartbeat, 1984
  • Love Beyond Reason, 1985
  • Wild Frontier, 1986
  • Can not Buy A Miracle, 1988
  • Return To Paradise, 1989 Produced by Mark Heard
  • Until We Have Wings, 1990 live album, produced by Mark Heard
  • Wonderama, 1991 Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
  • Stories, 1993 Best of Album Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
  • Lazarus Heart, 1995
  • Our Recollections, 1996
  • Thirst, 1999
  • Uncle Stonehill 's Hat Uncle Stonehill, 2001 Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
  • Edge Of The World, 2002, with guest appearances by Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, Annie Herring, Barry McGuire and others.