Ranulf II of Aquitaine

Ramnulf II of Poitou, Ranulf or Rainulf also called ( † 3 or 5 August 890 ) was a Count of Poitou from the family of Ramnulfiden. He was a son of Count Ramnulf I and his wife Bilchilde, a daughter of Count I. Roricos of Maine.


After his father's death ( he was 866 at the Battle of Brissarthe ) Ramnulf and his brothers Gauzbert and Ebalus of Bernard of Gothia from Poitou were displaced ( 868 ). They found at the court of King Louis the Stammerer Aquitanian sub refuge, even when it was made ​​872 of Charles the Bald under the tutelage of Bernard and others. After Charles the Bald was 877 died and Louis the Stammerer had begun its successor in the overall realm, Bernhard was expelled from Gothia after an unsuccessful revolt, what could take his paternal inheritance repossessed Ramnulf.

Louis the Stammerer died in 879 and his son born in the same year Charles the Simple was entrusted to the protection Ramnulfs or its violence. After the deposition of the Emperor Charles the Fat ( 887 ) Ramnulf refused the chosen King Odo recognition, however, patronized his protégé Charles the Simple. He ruled from then on in the western Aquitaine as an independent prince, so he was awarded in the Annales Fuldenses the title of King of Aquitaine. After Odo had north of the Loire enforced largely to Ramnulf reconciled with him beginning 889 He kept his king same position and was called in the Annales Vedastini as " dux Maximae partis Aquitaniae " ( Duke of the majority of Aquitaine ). It should be noted that Ramnulf this dignity was neither given, nor had he even ever usurped. The first Duke of Aquitaine was also William the Pious, was connected to the Ramnulf in friendship. The titling as Dux should only illustrate Ramnulfs outstanding position of power.

Ramnulfs wife was Ada; she went to his death in a monastery. Her grave is located in Poitiers in a museum. They had a son, Ramnulf III. , But probably died in 901 without issue. In addition Ramnulf II had an illegitimate son, Ebalus Mancer, who succeeded him in Poitou.


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  • Graf ( Poitou )
  • Duke (Aquitaine )
  • House Auvergne Poitou
  • Born in the 9th century
  • Died 890
  • Man