Ranulph Glanville

Ranulph Glanville ( born June 13, 1946 in London ) is a British philosopher and architect.

Glanville studied architecture at the Architectural Association School in London and received his PhD in 1975 at Gordon Pask on the theme "The Object of Objects, the Point of Points - or Something about Things". A second PhD, he acquired with the subject "Human Learning" Laurie Thomas. Philosophically, he belongs to the radical constructivism.


  • Objects. Berlin: Merve, 1988.
  • Numerous articles in the journal Cybernetics & Human Knowing
  • Architect ( United Kingdom)
  • Philosopher ( 20th century)
  • Philosopher ( 21st century)
  • Artists ( London)
  • Briton
  • Born in 1946
  • Man