Raoul Ubac

Raoul Ubac ( born August 31, 1910 in Cologne, † March 24, 1985 in Dieudonné ) was a Belgian painter, photographer and sculptor.

Raoul Ubac ( Rolf Ubach ) spent his childhood in Cologne and Frankfurt, before the family moved to 1919 Malmedy, his mother's home. In the late 1920s Ubac Europe roamed on foot. In 1928, he stayed on for the first time in Paris, where he met the painter Otto Freundlich. In a second stay in Paris in the early 1930s he came up with the representatives of surrealism in contact. In 1933 he presented the first of surrealist photographs and drawings. In 1934 he published a book of poetry with photographs. In addition, he began to make graphics and draw.

Ubac worked with poets such as Jean Lescure (1912-2005), Raymond Queneau, Paul Éluard, and together with André Frénaud, Yves Bonnefoy, Claude Esteban, whose works he illustrated. He was a participant in organized by André Breton and Paul Éluard Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme that in the gallery Beaux -Arts held in Paris in 1938. Mid-1940s, he gave the photograph to completely and painted now. His style moved away from Surrealism and was increasingly abstract. In 1959 was Raoul Ubac participated in the documenta II in Kassel.

Later Ubac busy with other art forms, such as stained glass windows, mosaics and wall Schiferreliefs. He died in France in 1985, where he had spent much of his life.