Rapa Valley

Rapadalen is a valley in the Swedish Sarek National Park. It extends to a length of about 35 kilometers from the center of the National Park in the south-east to Lake Laitaure.

The valley is formed by the Rapaälv. Within the Rapadals the Rapaälv forms two delta -like landscapes: The Rapaselet is a silted in the last millennia lake. The Rapadelta is the mouth of Rapaälvs in the Laitaure. Through the many entrained sediment of Rapaälvs silted the Laitaure and is similar in several millennia the Rapaselet.

Flora and Fauna

The occurring in Rapadal animals include moose (Alces alces), wolverine (Gulo gulo ), lynx (Lynx lynx) and wolf (Canis lupus).

Among the plants in the Rapadal: Birch (Betula ) and willow ( Salix).

Hiking trails

In the valley there, as everywhere in Sarek National Park, no accommodation and no fixed, marked trails. Well but there is on the north side of the valley by the frequent frequented trails. Committed common is the north side of the valley, as it serves despite many difficult river crossings as simple. Due to the broad and deep Rapaälv is not possible to change from the North to the south side of the valley. For a through- hike of the Rapadalen of Aktse to Mikkastugan, a sealed cabin of the National Park Service in the center of Sarek, takes about four days. More days are needed to come to Mikkastugan or migrate away from her.