Raphe Malik

Raphe Malik (actually Laurence Mazel, born 1 November 1948 in Cambridge (Massachusetts ), † March 8, 2006 in Guilford (Vermont ) ) was an American free jazz trumpeter.

Life and work

Malik grew up in the Boston area; in his youth he played in Boston clubs Rhythm & Blues. He studied from 1966 to 1970 at the University of Massachusetts; then he went to Paris, where he played with saxophonist Frank Wright and members of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. After his return to the United States, he studied at Antioch College in Ohio, where he met Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons and Andrew Cyrille. Since the 1970s, then Malik worked with Cecil Taylor together in the formations; In 1974, he joined with Taylor's Big Band at the New York's Carnegie Hall. Malik appeared in numerous recordings of the 1970s, as recorded in the quintet Enja album Dark to Themselves (1976) and the album Cecil Taylor Unit ( 1978), and went with him several times on tours to Europe.

In the 1980s he worked only sporadically along with Taylor. In 1983 he worked on Jimmy Lyons album Wee Sneezawee on the Black Saint label; in the 1980s he also led a private Quintet in Boston area. In 1992, he married Marguerite Serkin; the couple moved to Vermont, where he taught at Bennington College.

In the 1990s, Malik continued to work with his own bands and albums among others took on for the label Free Music Production, Maple Shade and Eremite, where he worked with Rashid Bakr Glenn Spearman, Sabir Mateen, Dennis Charles and William Parker. He also played in the band of Boston's drummer Dennis Warren, the Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble and collaborated on recordings by Glenn Spearman (Free Worlds, 1995 ), Paul Flaherty and the John Coltrane Project of the Rova Saxophone Quartet ( John Coltrane 's Ascension ). In 2001 he played in Alan Silva's Sound Visions Orchestra. One of his last recordings before his death in 2006 was the trio album Sympathy ( 2002) with Joe McPhee and Donald Robinson.

The critic Chris Kelsey Malik is one of the few trumpeters who carried Cecil Taylor's high-energy performance on the trumpet.

Disco Graphical Notes

  • 21st Century Texts (FMP, 1991)
  • Sirens Swet and Slow ( Outsounds, 1994)
  • The Short form ( Eremite, 1996)
  • Consequences ( Eremite, 1997)
  • Storyline ( Boxholder, 1998) Cecil McBee with, Cody Moffett
  • Looking East: A Suite in Three Parts ( Boxholder, 1999)
  • Companions ( Eremite, 1998) with Glenn Spearman, William Parker, Paul Murphy
  • Speakeasy (Le systems, 2001) solo
  • Sympathy ( Boxholder, 2002) with Joe McPhee and Donald Robinson


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