The rapporteur is the member bodies competent under the internal allocation of a panel for editing.


In the area of ​​justice, the Rapporteur responsible according to the internal allocation of a panel for the handling of the case judge. If the dispute is decided by a single judge ( as the District Court or, under certain conditions the District Court or the Court of Appeal ), there is naturally no rapporteur.

The main role of the rapporteur is the advice and decision of the Chamber, for example, prepare the chamber ( the District Court ) or the Senate ( at the High Court ). For this purpose, he writes usually a vote. This typically begins with a brief statement of the facts, divided into undisputed and disputed facts. It follows a legal assessment from which also shows which disputed facts are relevant to the decision and is therefore yet to rise above the proof. The vote ends with a proposed decision. Based on the vote passes, the Chairman of the oral proceedings, and on the basis of the vote to advise the members of the Chamber further action and decision. The vote does not bind the other party to the decision chamber or Senate members. Once the Chamber has handed down a judgment, it is the responsibility of the rapporteur to draft the written justification.

In addition, the rapporteur is usually in charge of the process in the daily court work. So he wound up as the correspondence with the parties from commissioned experts or give the parties legal notices. So-called orders of organization, such as the scheduling of hearing, call witnesses or time limit must always be taken by the Chairman. Are chairman and rapporteur not identical, these dispositions can be prepared by the rapporteur.

What judge is of a panel appointed rapporteur in a process that results from the internal allocation of the bench. There are, for example, the possibility of determining the jurisdiction of the initial letters of the parties or the last digit of the reference number. Existing A corresponding regulation in the internal schedule of a panel of three judges ( " department heads " ) chamber mechanism is: " Head of Department 2 is responsible for all processes in which the last digit of the serial number of the file number to a 1, 3 or 9 falls. " He is then, for example, responsible for the process 2 O 133/ 05, but not to the method 2 O 134 / 05th


Also in the parliaments of the competent authority pursuant to the Rules of Procedure (the lead ) Member is referred to within the type of committee and for the fraction of a specific political topic (eg renewable energy) so.

European Parliament

→ Rapporteur (European Parliament)

In the European Union, a rapporteur is appointed by the European Parliament to examine a bill and submit a report to Parliament at the end. In general, the rapporteur is supported by so-called shadow rapporteurs of the other groups in the European Parliament. Rapporteurs and shadow rapporteurs are part of the legislative process in the European Union.

German Bundestag

In the German Bundestag Rapporteur roughly correspond to the shadow rapporteurs in the European Parliament. They are appointed by the political groups on specific advice articles.