Raptor (Cedar Point)

The train Raptor in the Cobra -Roll

Raptor (English for bird of prey ), a steel roller coaster type inverted coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard in the U.S. amusement park Cedar Point ( Sandusky, Ohio), which was opened on 7 May 1994. On the 1155 meter long and 42 meter high line speed trains to a maximum speed of 92 km / h At the time of its opening, the track, making it the world's tallest, fastest and longest inverted coaster. In addition, the route for the first time in a inverted coaster had a Cobra Roll. With an investment volume of around 11.5 million U.S. dollars, it was the largest ever investment in Cedar Point. In the French Walygator Parc is located with a copy of The Monster Raptor with identical layout.


On 19 August 1993, the Cedar Fair group found, belongs to the Cedar Point, an application for trademark protection for the name "Raptor" as a ride. The official announcement took place a few days later, on 1 September 1993, at a press conference instead.

With the construction of the 1993 season began at the end. First, the way in exploiting dividend Mill Race log flume was demolished. In October, the Midway Carousel and the Flat Ride Calypso were dismantled and rebuilt at a new location in the park again. Then the first foundations were poured. In December, the lift hill was completed. Over the next few months rails and pillars were built before in March, the first tests were carried out. At the same time the square was paved in front of the entrance of the ride. On March 6, members of the press were invited to the soft opening. The next day, March 7, 1994 Raptor was then officially opened.


In the front part of the park near the Blue Streak wooden roller coaster, the railway sector Raptors extends over three acres. The route runs along the walkway to Blue Streak and the Flat Ride Calypso to the rides Turnpike Cars, Cadillac Cars and Cedar Downs Racing Derby.

After the train has left the station, he reached after a left curve the chain lift, which transports it to an altitude of 42 meters. Once at the top, the train first arrives in a small pre-drop before it is accelerated in a 90 ° left turn on the 36 -meter-high first drop on its top speed of 92 km / h. Then, the train climbs the 30 -meter-high looping, from which it enters directly into the zero- g - roll, on the Cobra Roll follows. After a left-wing spiral of the train is braked slightly on the block brake, whereupon it is accelerated again in a right turn and continue past the first of the two corkscrews. The train passes through a right turn and the second corkscrew. Shortly before the end, the train winds through a right-wing 540 -degree helix before it is delayed after a left turn from the final brakes to walking speed.

A ride lasts two minutes and 16 seconds.



The 1160 meters long, made of steel rail Raptor reached at its highest point, the apex of the lift Hills, a height of 42 meters. The first drop is 36 meters high. At the time of opening, the supports were dark green and the rail body painted bright green, the tubes with the running surfaces of the rail were unpainted. In 2002, the track received a new coat of paint, with the running surfaces were painted in the same dark green as the supports. Much of the rail parts of Raptor was established by Clermont Steel Fabricators in Batavia, Ohio.

On Raptor three made ​​of fiberglass and steel trains are used. Each train has eight cars with one row of seats for four people, so find in a train 32 people. The theoretical capacity amounts to 1800 visitors per hour. In addition to the shoulder straps, the passengers are held with attached belts in the seats. The trains were manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard in their main office in Monthey ( Switzerland ).

Safety regulations

Like many other roller coasters can also Raptor under harsh weather conditions like rain or storm can not be operated. A minimum age of passengers is not required, but they must be at least 1.40 meters tall to ride allowed. Passengers who can not close the strap on the safety bar because of their body size may not ride. In addition, no loose items allowed to be carried while driving. Passengers are still advised to wear outerwear and shoes.