Rare Earth (band)

Rare Earth was an American rock band from Detroit. Although they were not the first band with only white members, which stood at Motown under contract, but the first white " Big Hit " band.

Originally founded in 1961, the band made ​​in 1967 as The Sunliners the first recordings, but soon changed the name to Rare Earth. This band's name has its origin in a group of chemical elements known as rare earth metals. At this time, the band consists of Pete Rivera (drums and lead vocals ) was (actually Peter Hoorelbeke ), Gil Bridges (saxophone and vocals), John Persh ( bass), Rod Richards ( guitar) and Kenny James (keyboards ); then the cast changed frequently.

Rare Earth had since the 1960s a number of top ten hits, including (I Know) I'm Losing You, and especially Get Ready (1969). With a 21 -minute version of the application written for the Temptations song, the band secured a place in rock history, which was topped by the nearly 24 -minute version on the live album " In Concert " from 1971. Their hit I Just Want to Celebrate was used in a commercial for Ford and appeared in 2005 in a revised version on the compilation MotownReMixed.

The musical influence of Rare Earth shows itself in the fact that samples of the band are still used today in various recordings by other bands and musicians, such as in Derelict Beck, Try Counting Sheep by Black Sheep, Tale of Five Cities by Peanut Butter Wolf, Faith by Scarface, Real N **** z Do not Die by NWA, " Smiling Faces " by KRS-One and What's Going on by Eric B. and Rakim.

The band is touring even today, especially by the United States. From the original cast though only saxophonist Gil Bridges is still in the process. Three former members have died in the meantime: John Persh, Mark Olson and Edward " Eddie" Guzman. Pete Rivera, drummer and former lead singer is also still active today.


  • Dreams / Answers (1968 )
  • Get Ready (1969 )
  • Ecology (1970 )
  • One World (1971 )
  • In Concert (1971 )
  • The Best Of Rare Earth (1972 )
  • Willie Remembers (1972 )
  • Ma (1973 )
  • Masters Of Rock (1975 )
  • Back To Earth (1975 )
  • Midnight Lady (1976 )
  • Rare Earth (1977 )
  • Grand Slam (1978 )
  • Band Together ( 1978)
  • Made In Switzerland - Recorded Live (1989 )
  • Earth Tones: The Essential Rare Earth (1994 )
  • Best Of (1995 )
  • A Different World (1995 )
  • A Brand New World (2008)